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I'm so glad you found your way here. It's a crazy world right now even without trying to navigate the complex path to official authorhood.  Please feel free to check out my latest publications or browse my bookshelf if you are looking for your next great read. Also, sign up for my newsletter, or follow me on social media. I'd love to meet you.


Until then, stay safe.


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What's New?


New Published Work

Great News! My poem "I Know You" has recently been made available on Amazon in the Middle West Press's Giant Robot Poems Anthology. Click here to purchase your copy.


Everyday Writers Podcast

Also, the great Jordan S. Keller and I are starting a podcast called Everyday Writers, due to launch in late 2024. This will target new, emerging and established writers looking for information on writing resources, books, craft advice, etc. We hope you'll check it out.

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